Friday, December 5, 2014

This Month Most Talked News... December 2014

              This Month Most Talked News... December 2014

           Microsoft announces that they will be converting source into repository for which they will be including the execution of .Net code with components such as CLR, JIT, Garbage collector and Core.Net. Also they are on their midway path to make core .Net to support extensively for Linux and Mac Operations.

              Now Apple has been designed and its patent has been approved to minimize damages and protecting iphone or ipad from screen crack if it falls accidently. This is done by calculating the impact point and force of gravity, based on that system will react and alter the centre of mass on the electronic device.

              Happy to hear! Wordpress has been renovated in its new release of Wordpress 4.1 having advancement in new UI elements and default theme for 2015 which will be adoptable for all customization. Many plugins has been developed to support customizer for making the page creation a simplified one.

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