Thursday, April 2, 2015

10 Ways to Grow a more followers on Twitter

With 100 million daily active users and its specialized look, Twitter has become one of the go-to platforms for personal and company branding. The social network monster has recently launched group direct messages as well as native video sharing and editing. It is time for Twitter users to catch up with how to get the most out of Twitter previous to they find themselves stuck with the average 208 followers.
Here are 10 common Twitter mistakes and what to do instead.

1. Embed SlideShare presentations links.

SlideShare Presentations are one of the greatest ways to share promotions, discounts or other information about your company on Twitter. They look attractive, take up just the right amount to get awareness and can be browsed right within the tweet. To make sure your SlideShare presentation is a success, use font sizes of 30 pts or bigger and apply plenty of images.

2. Check who unfollows you.

Who follows you is similarly important to who unfollows you. Once someone decided to follow you, they do not follow you forever. As a matter of detail, most people are rather picky about who they follow and you might overlook an unfollowing pattern of tweeters who would retweet your content or simply become a devoted fan of your brand.

3. Use Twitter’s free analytics.

Twitter provide analytics for every twitter account for free. Review the number of impressions your tweets had, how many people took achievement (e.g. favorites, retweets, clicks, replies), how many people unfollowed or followed you and what your followers are like (gender, interests) among other things.

4. Create a custom hashtag.

Most startups and small businesses do not have custom hashtags because they are afraid they would be the only ones using them. To promote more people to use your hashtag, you could make it more common. For instance, a bakery could have the hashtag #nocrumbsleft. in addition, hashtags are searchable on Bing and can keep track of who talks about your company.

5. Share photo collages.

Sharing the special photo of you at an important event is great. Sharing it always in the same design is not. To create a photo collage, simply add the first photo to a tweet as if you were to share just one. Then click the same icon another time and add more photos. Twitter will create the random collection automatically once the tweet is published.

6. Stop sharing Instagram links.

Twitter prefer you to share photos via Twitter instead of Instagram. If you wish the look of your Instagram photos, share them from the photo folder on your smartphone where all Instagram photos are automatically saved. It will look like you uploaded it with Twitter and have the Instagram look without the unwanted Instagram photo link in the tweet.

7. Make sure your tweeted gifs are moving happily.

Gif is an image file format that supports static images and animated images. Animated gifs do not move in Twitter unless the tweet contain the gif is pin to the top. If you have not at all used gifs, consider thanking followers for their support with a wagging puppy tail gif from a free gif website.

8. Follow for favorites and retweets.

probability are that the people who favorite and retweet your tweets might become trustworthy followers in the future. If you give them the possibility that is follow people who favorite and re-tweet your tweets and verify if they are following you back. Most of them will and it is a fast way to raise your followers.

9. Attach the featured image of blog posts.

Instead of sharing the title of the article and the link, take a screenshot of the feature image and attach it to the tweet. It will take up significantly more freedom in people’s timelines and therefore get more clicks. Furthermore, properly designed featured image or eye-catching photo regularly gets favorite before it is even clicked.

10. Tag photos.

Following the previous point, featured images of blog posts should be tagged with the respective blogger or publishing stage. Other photos could be tagged with the Twitter account of the city where the photo has been taken or with the Twitter account of the host for the event you are attending. Tagging companies or fellow professional shows other Twitter users that you are well connected, interested in dealings and not self-absorbed.

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