Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Guest Lecturer - Anishjai

About Anishjai

India's Leading Motivational Speaker on Leadership, Guest Lecturer, Sales, Branding, Innovation & Peak Performance, Educational Revolution, “Make in India” Promoter.

Anish Jai, an entrepreneur and professional corporate trainer and guest lecturer who stands for innovation studies. His company facilitates the business sector by providing practical, interactive and fun filled activity based trainings to the corporate sector and Technical students through workshops, seminars and guest lecturer. He stands for innovation studies. Anish Jai tops the list among the best motivational speakers and guest lecturer in India. As a keynote speaker he conducts corporate training sessions in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, & pan Asia on leadership, sales, innovation, change management, customer service, Educational Revolution and peak performance.

What is Guest Lecturer ?

A guest lecturer is an individual who possesses advanced knowledge of a particular subject area, and who speaks about that subject area to a group or organization with which he is normally not involved. Beyond this basic definition, the exact nature of guest lecturing can vary widely. In the university context, a guest lecturer is often a faculty member who is invited to speak to a class he does not normally teach. Guest lecturers are also commonly invited to address professional and social organizations as well as elementary and secondary school groups.

Generally, the purpose of this arrangement is to enrich a course through the inclusion of relevant, specialized knowledge which that course’s normal lecturer does not possess. For instance, a professor teaching a course in modernist literature may invite a colleague from the university’s architecture department to deliver a guest lecture on early 20th century urban landscapes. By adding context, the information contained in the guest lecture may then broaden students’ understanding of literary texts from this period.

For example, asking a research librarian to discuss effective literature search strategies before assigning a research project gives students not only the “just in time” information but also some long-term skills. But a word of caution if you have students who are new to higher education make sure students understand that they are just as responsible for mastering content from guest lecturers as they are for mastering the content you provide.

It is also common for professional organizations, social clubs, and elementary and secondary school groups to invite a guest lecturer to speak to them on some relevant topic. A hiking club, for instance, may ask an ecologist to deliver a lecture on minimizing environmental impact during hiking trips. Elementary or secondary schools often invite local municipal figures such as police officers and firefighters to give lectures on educational topics, like how to behave around strangers or how to minimize the chance of fire in one’s home.

Some guest lecturers of this type may be working professionals who are simply taking a break from their normal jobs, while others may be retired professionals or may even work full time on a guest lecture circuit.

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